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based on Neural Network

Extremium is the first blockchain-based investment platform that allows you to invest in digital assets and receive passive income generated by the work of the Enhanced Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network for Cryptocurrency Trading.

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What is Extremium?

Spend less time worrying about the price of Bitcoin and start getting passive income


Extremium is the first blockchain-based investment platform that allows you to invest in digital assets and receive passive income generated by the work of the Enhanced Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network for Cryptocurrency Trading. The main objective of the platform is to reduce the risks of investing in cryptocurrency and overcome difficulties associated with the analysis, trading and management of cryptocurrency.

Why Extremium?

Our task is to help people with any level of technical and investment knowledge make a profit

Extremium Neural Network

The Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network is the best type of neural network for the prediction of the price of financial assets.


There are no competitors in the prediction of cryptocurrency prices by using Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Networks.


We do not require any personal data from our users, and there is absolutely no transfer of data to external parties.


High level of protection for user assets.


The latest web technologies allow you to always have quick access to the dashboard.


The personal dashboard is convenient and easy-to-use on any platform and device.


At Extremium's core is an unsupervised online-learning method, which is capable of incremental learning, based on Growing Neural Gas (GNG) and Self-Organizing Map (SOM). Neural Network improves itself on the work, which allows us to regularly increase revenue from its use.

High Accuracy

The Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network is the best type of neural network, capable of solving the problem of predicting the movement of financial asset exchange rates.

Additional Advantages

In addition to the neural network, the Extremium Software algorithm also has built-in functions that will help to increase the accuracy of the results and give the best forecast.

Extremium neural network advantages


Your money should be at work at all times. Even in the worst economy, there is no excuse


This investment platform is an easy, automatic way to generate income on cryptocurrency. Invest in our Investment platform and earn up to 20% per month in passive income.


Trade with confidence using our internal exchange. Extremium is a fantastic trading platform, both from an ease-of-use and technical perspective.


Simply buy Extremium Tokens (EXT) and hold them until you feel it’s a good time to sell. This means that you need just hold your coins in your wallet over a period of time.


Our affiliate program lets you earn tokens by promoting the opportunities of the platform. Create a team, invite members and earn income generated by referred users.

Token Distribution

Extremium (EXT) was developed on the ERC20 Ethereum standard

EXT Token

The Extremium Platform will operate as an independent ecosystem that uses EXT as a Utility token to interact with platform. EXT token aims to become the preferred method to invest through the blockchain and to access the ecosystem of services provided by the platform.

  • Name: Extremium
  • Symbol: EXT
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Decimals: 8
  • Initial Coins Offering: 7,000,000 EXT
  • Total Token Supply: 24,000,000 EXT


Extremium token Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will last from the 10th of November 2018 to the 10th of January 2018
Round Start Date End Date Days Amount Price ($) Status
Pre-sale 2018/11/10 2018/11/30 20 1,000,000 $0.50
Round 1 2018/12/01 2018/12/07 7 1,000,000 $1.00
Round 2 2018/12/09 2018/12/15 7 1,000,000 $1.30
Round 3 2018/12/17 2018/12/23 7 1,000,000 $1.50
Round 4 2018/12/25 2018/12/31 7 1,000,000 $1.70
Round 5 2019/01/01 2019/01/10 10 2,000,000 $2.00

Token Price

The Price of Extremium Token (EXT) increase during ICO

Affiliate program

Our investors can earn free tokens by inviting new members to join our ICO or Investment program

By referring new members to buy ICO tokens, you will get a 10% bonus on the quantity of tokens that your referred members purchase.

After the ICO ends our investors can earn a bonus by referring new members to the Extremium Investment program. This type of Affiliate program includes 3 levels of referral bonuses. You will create own team by inviting new members and earn bonuses after each deposit to your team's Investment program.

Affiliates can get bonuses from 3 levels of invited members:

  • Level 1: 8%
  • Level 2: 3%
  • Level 3: 1%
Extremium affiliates and marketing program

Investment program

Choose an investment plan to invest in and earn a stable monthly profit of up to 20% per month

The most profitable way to generate passive income is to use the opportunities on our Investment platform. By investing in one of the provided packages, you freeze the amount of your deposit for a certain period and begin to receive daily passive income. The profit percentage is floating and depends on the returns of our software, but the total income can reach 20% per month.

Investment Program
Amount Monthly Interest Daily Bonus Holding Period
$100 - $1,000 ~ 20% + 0.00% 190 days
$1,001 - $5,000 ~ 20% + 0.10% 160 days
$5,001 - $10,000 ~ 20% + 0.15% 120 days
$10,000 + ~ 20% + 0.25% 60 days


This is the timeline of future plans that Extremium will effectuate during 2018-2020 year

Q4 / 2017

  • Concept development
  • Team building
  • Neural Network development

Q1 / 2018

  • Improving of algorithms
  • Platform development
  • Platform testing

Q2 / 2018

  • Website development
  • Website testing

Q3 / 2018

  • Whitepaper creation
  • Token creation

Q4 (1) / 2018

  • Marketing
  • Bounty campaign
  • NOV 10 - Pre-sale launch

Q4 (2) / 2018

  • DEC 1 - JAN 10 - Main ICO

Q1 / 2019

  • FEB 1 - Launch of Investment Program
  • FEB 14 - Local Exchange

Q2 / 2019

  • APR - Listing on External Exchanges
  • MAY - EXT token on Coinmarketcap

Q3 / 2019

  • Desktop Software
  • Extremium Mobile App

Q4 / 2019

  • Web application for cryptocurrency trading

Q1 / 2020

  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Investment diversification

Q2 / 2020

  • Coming soon...


Have any questions?

One liner: Extremium is the first blockchain-based investment platform that allows you to invest in digital assets and receive passive income generated by the work of the Enhanced Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network for Cryptocurrency Trading.

Our vision:
In the modern world, when cryptocurrencies have been integrated into many spheres of human activity, no one doubts that this technology can change the world, because it is happening right now before our very eyes. In addition to powerful technology, a new branch of the economy was born, which attracted a lot of investors.

However, because of the high volatility and unpredictability of price movements, only a few investors are able to properly manage assets, and often bear losses. Therefore, the most urgent question currently has been: “How do I invest in cryptocurrency and get a stable and guaranteed income, which will not depend on the current price in the market and recent news?”

This is the task set by the Extremium team - to help investors receive a stable and regular profit, without delving into the technical details of market forecasting. This task is undertaken by our Enhanced Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network, which allows our investors to receive passive income and stop worrying about Bitcoin price.

We are a community of professionals in development, data science, system analysis, design and marketing.

Our team comes from several countries, mainly from the US. We all do our best to offer Extremium users an effective service.

Our goal is to provide not only a service but also long term win-win partnership.

ERC-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment, and 20 is the number that was assigned to this request. ERC20 token standard refers to the rules that apply to every ERC20 token on the Ethereum network and by which every token interacts with others on the network.

All contributors interested in participating in the Extremium token sale will need to complete the following steps.

  1. Register an account.
  2. Go to the Wallet page and create a personal wallet (ETH, EXT).
  3. Deposit ETH to created wallet on
  4. Rescan the blockchain in the Wallet/History page.
  5. Wait until the transaction is confirmed by an admin.
  6. Go to ICO page, type amount of EXT tokens you want to purchase and click "Buy EXT" button.
  7. Your Extremium (EXT) balance will be updated after confirmation of purchase by an admin.

You can start investing in Extremium (EXT) tokens even from $1.00 and there is no maximum purchase limit.

The soft cap during the token sale is $1,000,000 and the hard cap is $10,000,000.

The architecture of platform is built in such a way as to provide a high level of protection for user assets.

In order to ensure the maximum level of security, it is recommended to enable list of security features:

  • Two Factor Google Authentication (2FA)
  • Email confirmation (Sign in)

We strongly recommend to use additional security features of our platform in order to ensure highly secure level of your profile.

We are always available and accessible to support you at anytime you need. Here is our support email address:

Also, you can use ticketing system inside a platform from your personal account.

Feel free to contact us by email at anytime if you require any further information.

Most questions can find the answer from our whitepaper. We will update our website, whitepaper, and this FAQ list from time to time.

You are welcome to join Extremium community in telegram, twitter or facebook and directly ask a question there.

Feel free to contact us by email at anytime if you require any further information: