EXTREMIUM Crypto Gift Cards Make NFTs Prosperous

Our team has developed a simple and safe way for anyone to get involved in cryptocurrencies using the EXTREMIUM gift card through our global retail distribution network. Our NFT partners will offer their own exclusive NFTs through EXTREMIUM gift cards to promote their project to new global audiences.

What can you do with EXTREMIUM cards?
Earn, trade, stake, collect and be rewarded

With access to tens of thousands of retail and digital outlets worldwide EXTREMIUM will bring crypto to the masses with crypto gift cards and NFTs.

Crypto Gift Cards with a FREE NFT.

Coming soon to retail stores around the world.

At EXTREMIUM, we believe that using cryptocurrencies and NFTs should be simple and safe. We provide the most inclusive and trustworthy way for anyone to get involved with digital assets. Gift someone an EXTREMIUM Gift Card by purchasing at your local retail outlet and receive a FREE NFT from our partners.

What We Do

We are developing a distribution portal for NFT projects.
Every EXTREMIUM gift card will come with a free NFT.

EXTREMIUM is in the business of making crypto easy, safe, rewarding and fun for new users. Anyone can become a crypto holder, by purchasing our gift cards that will be distributed through retail stores around the world via our global retail distributors. Our gift card will also be physical NFTs that represent digital NFTs of existing projects. Owning a gift card will make you the owner of exclusive NFTs. By partnering with the major NFT projects worldwide, we will help these projects gain access to a new global audience. EXTREMIUM is the first project that will provide mass access to crypto NFTs worldwide to new audiences. Staking EXTREMIUM will also provide access to our exclusive NFT catalogue.

EXTREMIUM Exchange (Coming soon)

Trade EXTREMIUM using the EXTREMIUM exchange.

Gift Card Sales (Coming soon)

Give the gift of crypto with a EXTREMIUM gift card.

EXTREMIUM Wallet (Coming soon)

Store your crypto assets and NFTs in the EXTREMIUM Wallet application.


EXTREMIUM is building a scalable web 3.0 ecosystem on the Polygon network


Begin your crypto journey through the gift of crypto gift cards and free partner NFTs.


Stake your EXTREMIUM to earn rewards and more free NFTs.


Take your earnings back to the real world anytime with the EXTREMIUM Defi backed Mastercard solution.

Easy entry into Crypto, NFTs and DeFi, through Crypto Gift Cards

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We are actively building our onboarding solution in readiness for our IDO raise and global gift card launch.